While leading workshops or community involved events it is often difficult to take a moment to document all the exciting things happening while we are in the middle of it. Here are a few rare occasions where I was lucky enough to have someone to take some pics of these events and happenings. Thanks to all that contributed and have sent me pictures.

FREE FOR (w)ALL 3 ! 2019

The 2019 event took place over 3 days at 4 different locations across London (union 10, 100 Kellogg, London Brew Co-0p and Art East). It included over 40 artists from London, Saskatoon, Calgary and Toronto area to work with tons of children and first time spray painters. There were workshops, breakdancing and a skateboard demo from the LSC. Multiple musicians performed at our afternoon and evening showcases and we were honoured to host an after party featuring many local acts and headlining act Myka 9 (freestyle fellowship) from Los Angels with his DJ Factor from Saskatoon. Thank you to all the local support, the Bug Guys, Animal Street Records and the London Arts Council and everyone who made this event possible.

Robert McLaughlin Gallery

During the Month of February 2019 while my solo exhibition "To the Unseen Future" was installed at the Robert Mcglaughlin in Oshawa, we held several workshops in a wide range of tactile media for special needs adults and youth, homeschooled children and for the general public. Thanks to the staff at the RMG for allowing me share my work with these people.

Free for (w)ALL 2017. I teamed up with Life of Leisure and the local hip hop scene to create a safe place for kids and adults to paint year round.

Nuit Blanche London Ontario 2014

For Nuit Blanche 2014 in London Ontario I was commissioned to invite (and pay) four younger emerging artists to work with me for a month on developing large scale works of their own, in my studio to display on Dundas Street for the Nuit Blanche weekend.